Plant Health Care

Round 1: Dormant Oil 

Starting in early spring, dormant oil is applied to help protect your fruit trees, shrubs, roses, and other types of trees from insects such as scale, red spiders, leaf roller, mites, and other foliage damaging insects while still in the larvae stage.

Round 2: Fertilizer

A slow release fertilizer is applied for root development and promote foliage growth.

Round 3: Surface Insecticide and Merit Root Soak

Our insecticides will help protect your trees and shrubs from pest damage including chinch bugs, billbugs, grubs, mole crickets, certain types of beetles and more! 

Round 4:  Deep Root Feeding

Late Fall application will consists of a well-balanced, complete fertilizer injected into the root system of your trees and shrubs. This will also aerate the root zones and allow water and air to the roots and also allow for root expansion. It will also help to enhance plant vigor and health, and prepare it for the winter season.

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